Sunday, April 6, 2014

Making the Transition

Hey y'all!  It's the first Sunday of April, so I was expecting really nice weather today.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, so I was a little disappointed when I woke up today to overcast skies and highs in the sixties.  In South Carolina, this happens a lot, so I've gotten pretty used to incorporating "transitional" pieces into my outfits: things that can be worn when it's not quite warm enough to dress springy, but not quite cold enough to dress for winter.

I love love love my navy capris.  I got them at the beginning of the season at Old Navy and have worn them so frequently.  They match almost everything in my closet, but still keep me warm enough to wear when it's not very warm or sunny.  

I like to add bright colors when I'm wearing them, because it is still spring after all.  I love cardigans because I can pair them with white shirts or other tops and take them off if it gets too warm.  

Finally, I add the usual Sperry Topsiders and pearls.  What are y'all's favorite transitional outfits?  Hopefully it will warm up fully and we won't have to wear them!

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