Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lilly Study Schedule

Hey y'all!  Spring is in the air, and so is exam season.  I'm taking multiple AP classes, so this time of year is incredibly stressful for me.  Because I have so much to study before my exams, I have created a study organizer and thought I'd share it.

My AP Chemistry exam is the first one and is about four weeks away, so I based my calendar off of that.  In each box, I just jot down what chapters or sections I have to study and highlight them when I'm finished.  I even included a little uplifting motivation at the bottom.  I used the Lilly Pulitzer print You Gotta Regatta, but would be more than happy to make a schedule in any requested prints.  I hope this helps y'all study as much as it will me.  Good luck on exams!

{Oh, and if you need a cute way to take some notes, try these!}


  1. I love your blog! And this printable is so cute! What font did you use??

  2. Thank you Jessica! I used the font Mountains of Christmas :)