Friday, September 20, 2013

Monogrammed Twitter Header Tutorial

Hey y'all! Since my binder cover tutorial had a fabulous response and I always get so many compliments on my Twitter header, I decided to do a tutorial for making the perfect monogrammed header.  I generally use mine for Twitter, but these headers also look great for Facebook.  I make the headers on Microsoft PowerPoint and they usually only take about five minutes each!  

1. Obtain the font: If you don't have a monogram font installed on your computer, you can download one for free here!  This is a safe and reliable download; it's the one I use.

2.  Choose a print: I love Lilly and like to use their prints for my headers.  If you don't have your favorite print saved to your computer, Pulitzer Prints is one of my favorite sources.  Email me if you are having trouble finding a specific print; I have almost all of them on my computer and can help you out.  You can use basically any image you find as a background, so don't limit yourself to just Lilly Pulitzer!

3. Open a new MS PowerPoint presentation and insert the print

4. Add a circle.  Under the "Insert" tab, click "Shapes" ans select the circle.  Set the alignment (look for the "Arrange" category under the "Format" tab) to "Center" and "Middle".  Make the circle a color that compliments the print you are using, but not the main color of the print.  I like to make the shape outline thick and white, but this is optional.

5. Add the monogram: Don't just right-click in the circle and "Edit Text".  Create a separate text box (Go under the "Insert" tab and select "Text Box") and align it to the center and middle.  Set the box to have no border or fill color (change these settings under the "Format" tab).  Play around with where you position the text box-- everyone's monogram is different, so the font size and position on the circle will depend on your initials.  Note: when using the Monogram KK font, enter your monogram in the format mBj.  Capitalize the middle initial (your last name), but leave all three letters in the same font size.  The font size will also depend on how large you want the monogram and what your initials are.  Mine is usually a 135.  I also like to add a shadow effect to the monogram to bring it out a little bit.  This effect can be found in the "Font" category of the "Home" tab.

6. Group the components: After you have everything positioned the way you like, group together the circle, text box, and print by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting each one.  Once they are all selected, right click and select "Group" from the menu.

7. Save the picture: Once you have everything grouped together, right click the image and select "Save as Picture".  Title it what you want, then upload it to Twitter or Facebook and show it off!

My Header:
Lilly Print- Pom Poms (Fall 2013)

Note: if my screen clippings are too small, clicking on them will give you a full screen view!

Hope y'all enjoy this tutorial as much as you did the binder cover one!  Experiment with the backgrounds; I'm excited to see what y'all come up with!

Have a happy weekend!

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