Monday, July 14, 2014

I Chose A Print! {How I Organize My Lilly Agenda)

Hey y'all! I'm so excited to say that I finally got my new Lilly Pulitzer agenda!  I've been putting it off since the beginning of summer, mostly because I really couldn't decide which new print I liked the best.  Thanks to y'all, I'm so happy that I finally decided on Lilly Lovers because it's perfect!  I ordered a monogram decal, and I just know it's going to be a cute touch.  Pictures to come when it arrives!

I know "How I Organize My Lilly Agenda" is such a popular post, so I decided to do one of my own!  I really do use mine constantly and think I have such a good system going.  Everyone has something that works for them, so here's mine.  Let me start by saying that highlighters are absolutely essential for me when I'm trying to organize anything.  Without them, writing everything down would be almost useless because half the fun is feeling accomplished when you can finally mark something off a to-do list!  I also have a color-coding system that I used last school year and plan to continue this year because it worked so well for me.

In the Notes section in the front, I write down important things that I'm going to need to reference throughout the year, such as class schedules, frequent points of contact, and login information for important sites.  Sorry y'all, no pictures here!

The month dividers are probably my favorite part of Lilly agendas.  The sayings are absolutely perfect, and who doesn't love flipping to a fresh new page and starting off the month with a cute little saying?  June 2015's is by far my favorite!

I use the monthly spreads to write out things like appointments, important days, and deadlines.  I love the cute stickers in the front and add them here too.  I always use leftovers from last year first.  The To Do column on the side comes in handy when I working on a big project that month and am trying to keep track of what I have done and still have left to do, especially during the school year or for planning big events.

And speaking of big events, guess what the very first thing I added to my new agenda was?

Only 343 days left!

The weekly spreads are where I write down all my school assignments and where the color coding comes into play.  I use green for completed and pink for in progress.  If something doesn't get done, it stays neutral and is usually carried over onto next week's page.  Since I'm big on procrastination, this happens pretty frequently during the school year.  Since it's summer, I really don't have any assignments added.  I usually write important appointments or tasks here too, just because I'm more likely to check here than on the monthly page.

Now that you know my system, tell me about yours!  How do you organize your agenda?  If you've already written a post on this, send me a link.  Yay for new beginnings and happy planning y'all!


  1. I got the same one! Post going up tomorrow on my blog

    1. Yay for choosing the most adorable print! I'll be looking for it :)

  2. Great post! I definitely want to pick up a Lilly planner!

    -Diana :)

  3. I love your handwriting! Maybe you should do a blog about that!

  4. What size agenda did you get? I got a medium and realized it's too small.