Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Days & SFC

Hey y'all! It's another snow day in South Carolina, which means no school for me.  I woke up nice and early, made some coffee, and (of course) sat down to a nice morning of Pinterest.  Once the snow settled down, Katie and I went on a little shopping trip to Southern Fried Cotton (I've mentioned them before in my post about frockets) and picked out some adorable shirts.  The best part is that they're Comfort Colors, which basically qualifies them as the most comfortable shirts on earth.  I love SFC because they're so cute and affordable.  We also got one of their lip balms (just had to), and I have to say that it's pretty great as well.


We're out of school tomorrow for the snow too, which is super exciting because it basically never snows in South Carolina.  It's been super nice to have all these days off, even though they're not truly necessary and we'll eventually have to make them up.  Hopefully the roads will stay clear so we can do a little adventuring tomorrow too!

Stay warm y'all!

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  1. I am so jealous! Please stay safe and warm through all this weather!!!!!

    Love Always,