Saturday, January 12, 2013

Started this on Friday night, but just now posting it...

This weekend, the plan was to try something new.  It's only Friday night, but, so far, I'd say it's been a success.  I've always thought that Friday nights were way better during football season, and that no other sport could compare to high school football.  I live for the fresh autumn nights under the lights, and spending Friday night with my favorites under a star-filled sky has always been my idea of a good time.  I never went to any basketball games before, simply because I though they'd never compare.  Tonight, I realized I've been wrong.  The screaming fans, the roaring spirit, the deep rivalry... they all add up to Friday night perfection.  Cheering in the stands, watching the clock tick down, and feeling the intensity build around you as the final thirty seconds of the game count down are sure to make the night one to remember, especially when you're playing your biggest rivals and are surrounded by all your best friends.  Now that I've realized how much fun basketball games really are, I can't wait to watch my Bobcats take on the rest of the season.  Here's to trying something new, and here's to wishing some nights would never end.

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