Saturday, January 12, 2013


After a long day of shopping, there's nothing better than coming home, taking a long shower, and relaxing.  As much as I'd like to say that this has been the best part of my day, it can't compete with all the fun I had earlier.  This weekend was dedicating to seizing the day, and I can honestly say that today, the mission was accomplished.

Katie and I had a fabulous time picking out downright horrendous outfits, trying them on, and watching as a middle aged man and his children stared shockingly as we discussed how cute we looked in them and our plans to wear them to an upcoming party.  Oh, and you haven't seen funny until you ask a fifty-something year old male associate at Belk which pair of printed skinny jeans he thought would look better on you.  After a long, fun day of laughter and a few cute new outfits, today has been one of the best days in a while.  With a no homework Sunday tomorrow to top it all off, this will officially go down as one of the best weekends I've had!

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