Monday, January 5, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Picks

Hey y'all!  Even though it was my first Monday back after a long, relaxing break, I decided to take Lilly's advice and "Get crackin'" on a little online shopping I've been dying to do.  Lilly lovers everywhere are going to sleep happy tonight after all the fabulous deals of the After Party Sale, myself included.  It started at 8 this morning, but thanks to classes and after school commitments, I didn't have time to actually start shopping until about 6:30 tonight.  Since the sale had already been going on for like 10 hours, I didn't really anticipate there being much to choose from.  {Which actually may have been a blessing thanks to my inability to stay on budget.}  However, I was actually pretty satisfied with my options.  The clothing variety was pretty tiny, but thankfully I was able to add a few cute accessories to add to my collection!

My first {and favorite} find were these adorable Gold Metallic Bow Tie Earrings.  I was able to snag them for an outstanding price and can't wait to pair them with the new gold, sparkly dress I found this past weekend for a few different events this spring.  I'm usually the first person to choose silver over gold and was really anxious about finding accessories for the dress because I don't usually like gold metallics, but these earrings eased my worries!

After I recovered from the excitement of my earrings, I decided to browse the sale one last time before calling it quits.  I must have overlooked this perfect make up case in Up Your Sleeve the first time through, and couldn't resist adding it to my tote.  I'm becoming more and more infatuated with makeup lately and can't think of a better way to store all my favorite products!

While I wish I would have been able to shop a little earlier, I'm thankful for zero wait time, no picks disappearing from my tote, and the opportunity to pick up these two goodies!  Did any of y'all shop the After Party Sale?  What did you get?!  Let me know!

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