Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Stay Organized This School Year

Hey y'all!  Now that the school year is officially in progress, staying organized is a must.  If you're like me, keeping up with assignments from different classes due on different days can seem overwhelming, but with the right techniques, organization is attainable.  Here's how I stay organized!

1. Use an agenda: This is probably the biggest and most important item on my list!  If you know anything about me, you know that my Lilly agenda is my sidekick.  I couldn't imagine trying to survive school without it.  From after school events to homework to deadlines to test dates, every event of my life is scheduled and documented in my agenda.  To see exactly how I organize my agenda, read my detailed post here!

2. Use Post-it products: Using Post-its is a big thing for me.  I add little memos to my agenda or notes with the big ones and use the little flags to mark pages and sometimes even as sub-dividers in my binders and notebooks.  They are so helpful and even help minimize clutter because as soon as they're no longer relevant, you can peel them off and throw them away.

3. Take good notes: With my type A personality, having squared away notes is a priority of mine.  I'm super particular about the way I take notes during lectures and discussions, and the Lilly Pulitzer note taking template I created is one of my favorite ways to do so.  Check it out here!

4. Highlight, highlight, highlight: Second to my agenda, highlighters are the most important item on my school supply list.  I'm a color coder, so I use highlighters to read, take notes, and check things off my to-do list.  I love to highlight correlations and comparisons in my notes by color coding.  Call me crazy, but it's effective!

5. Find the perfect pens: Taking notes and writing down important things is easier and more fun when you find pens you like.  My favorite are {of course} my Lilly Pulitzer pens and the Papermate Flair ones I purchased at Staples.  I love the bright colors!

Finally, Pinterest is a great tool for organization.  Create a school board, search for organization advice, and Pin templates like mine!  How do y'all stay organized during the school year?  Let me know!

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