Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cute and Crafty Ways to Recycle Your Lilly Agenda

Hey y'all!  It's finally summer, which means the season of new Lilly is upon us.  If you have any idea whatsoever about Lilly Pulitzer, you know that the new agendas have recently been released and are now available for pre-order.  Yay!  Because Lilly agendas are a bit of an investment {but well worth it nonetheless}, getting the absolute most out of your agenda is always a good idea.  I use my agenda every day of the year, but the fun doesn't have to end when the calendar does!

There are so many fabulous ways to recycle your agenda.  Some may require more craftiness and resources than others, but they're all absolutely adorable!  With a little Mod Podge and a cup of coffee, these projects can be both easy and fun.  Here are my top ten!
  1. Make a cute picture frame 
  2. Create a monogram with wooden letters...
  3.  ... or just a paper one
  4. Make coasters
  5. Design a clip board with a bow
  6. Make a weekly calendar
  7. Dress up your room with a framed collage...
  8. ... or a bulletin board
  9. Cover clothes pins in your favorite Lilly prints
  10. Lilly your mirror

{All images via Pinterest} 

I'm still trying to decide what to do with mine, because there are just so many possibilities.  Between the stickers, the monthly dividers, and the "It all started with a juice stand" page, there are so many wonderful prints and quotes.  Have y'all found any other cute and crafty ways to recycle your Lilly agenda?  How are you going to recycle yours?  Let me know!

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  1. I've been looking for a Lilly dry erase board I can use as a calendar when I go back to school. I will definitely make use of old Lilly agenda pages for that craft!