Monday, April 14, 2014

'Merica Monday

Hey y'all!  It's 'Merica Monday, and today's American pride is hard to hide.  One thing that I've been thinking a lot about lately is the way we view our government.  Naturally, everyone's political opinions are going to be different.  It's virtually impossible for a large group of people to reach a consensus on any major political issues, because one of the best parts of being an American is the privilege to believe whatever you want and freely express that belief.  That's great, for the most part, but sometimes things go a little too far.

I'm on social media a lot {obviously}, and I've noticed a trend that's becoming more and more frequent on my timeline.  Twitter accounts like Thanks Obama are becoming super popular.  This really bothers me, because whether or not we agree with our President, we owe him respect.  I'm not saying that I agree with his entire platform or that I support every action he's taken while in office, because some of his views are very different from mine.  What I am saying, however, is that as our Commander-in-Chief and the leader of our nation, he deserves the respect of each and every one of us.  If you don't like something, blaming it on our President isn't going to fix it.  If you don't agree with the way something is being done, get up and do something about it.  If you want to see change, go out and make it happen.  Unless you think you can run for office, get elected, and do a better job, stop criticizing, because his job is far from easy.

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline last week when I saw one of my followers Tweet something along the lines of "I'll never understand people who are proud to be American", which really bothered me.  It's incredibly hard for me to understand how someone can possibly have that mindset.  Look at how far our nation has come.  We've practically been running the world since 1776.  We've established a country based on the values of freedom and equality and have built the American dream on hard work and dedication.  We're back to back World War champs, and we have the strongest military in the world.  How can you not be proud of that?  There's always room for improvement, and our nation is far from perfect, but that's what makes us stronger.  The fact that we face challenges every day but continue to live up to standards of liberty and justice speaks volumes.  How can someone not understand that?

Y'all, we live in the best nation on Earth.  We're blessed with a unique freedom that we take for granted too often.  We need to be proud of who we are, and we need to be proud of the people that lead us.  If you aren't going to stand up and make a change, what's the point of complaining?  If you aren't proud to be an American, what's the point of even being one?  Have a little pride in your nation, because there is definitely so much to be proud of.  'Merica: love it or leave it!

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