Monday, March 17, 2014

Lake Day Must Haves: Packing the Perfect Tote

Hey y'all!  It's super cold and rainy in South Carolina, and there's nothing I've been wanting more lately than a warm, sunny lake day.  Even though those days are far away, I've put together a post on what I consider the perfect lake day tote and how I pack it!

I start with my favorite bag: my Lilly market tote.  I just got a new one for my birthday, so I can't wait to make use of it this summer.  These bags are great for lake days because they're super durable and water resistant.  Sand will wipe right off.  They are so spacious and have plenty of room for all my favorites.

Next, I throw in a baseball hat.  I'm crazy about baseball hats over the summer because they are the perfect way to stay shaded and hide summer hair.  I have several, but my favorite is my navy monogrammed one from Marley Lilly.

I always add my Island Margarita hand sanitizer, because I have a tendency to snack at the lake and need to keep my hands clean.  It's my favorite scent and I usually have it in a grip on the handle of my tote.

I just got a Lilly tumbler in Lobstah Roll for my birthday, so I'm super excited to take it to the lake with me this year.  I ordered a sticker from my favorite Etsy shop to top it off, and I'm obsessed with it already.  It will be replacing the usual Tervis tumbler in my tote this season.  Having water at the lake is so important in South Carolina because with the heat, staying hydrated is a must.  If I have to hydrate, why not do it in a cute and stylish way?

Next, I add my sunglasses.  My favorite are the classic wayfarer style, but I added a monogrammed sticker (from the same shop as above) for a cute touch.  I keep them on Lilly croakies (I've talked about them so many times before) and couldn't imagine lake days without them.

Sunscreen, like staying hydrated, is another must.  So many people my age are obsessed with tanning and so easily forget the importance of taking care of your skin when it comes to being in the sun.  Like every other seventeen year old, I love being tan in the summer and would stay that way year around if I could.  I do, however, try my best to take care of my skin in the summer.  I try to reapply regularly when I'm at the lake for the majority of the day.  I love the smell of sunscreen and have so many bottles of it laying around the house.  As nice as it is to look tan, the health of your skin should never be sacrificed!

Finally, everyone needs the perfect beach towel!  I love the look of stripes in the summertime.

What do y'all think constitutes the perfect lake day tote?


  1. I think you pretty much covered it with the essentials! I am waiting so patiently for summer!!! haha

    Love Always,

  2. What part of SC do you live in? I live close-ish to Columbia and Lake Murray:)


  3. Cathleen: I'm in the Upstate, near Keowee! I love spending time on the lake during the summer and am so happy you liked it. Thanks y'all!