Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second Semester Tips

Happy Saturday y'all!  I'm super excited for this weekend because I get Monday and Tuesday off.  Nothing's better than a four day weekend, right?  And who doesn't love spending the day relaxing in a baseball hat, long sleeved frocket, and leggings?  Needless to say, this much needed break is going to be great, especially after a long week of school.

Second semester started this week, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite transition techniques.  Coming back after the holidays can be hard, but there are definitely ways to brighten it up a little!

1. Replenish Supplies: I always feel super motivated to work hard when I have cute supplies.  Maybe its just me, but it feels like taking notes is a little easier with fresh, new highlighters.  And changing my Chemistry notebook from a boring pink one to a Lilly one gets me a little more excited for the class.  I always get new sticky notes and pencils to finish the year, too.  One of the best places to find great Lilly supplies and lots of other cute things for school is Lifeguard Press.  If your classes change, printing out new binder covers is always fun too!

2. Reorganize: I always obsess over how I organize everything.  For second semester, I change the color codes in my agenda and rearrange everything in my locker.  I reorganize my binder for every class too!  Reorganizing is a great way to refresh and replenish that beginning of the school year motivation that sometimes gets lost over Christmas break.

3. Start a Countdown: Keeping a countdown to Spring Break is a great way to visualize something to look forward to.  It keeps the motivation going.  Only 84 days left, y'all!

Hope everyone has a great second semester!  What are some of y'alls favorite transitional tips?

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