Saturday, December 14, 2013

Exam Week: Study Essentials

Hey y'all!  Christmas break is one week away, which can only mean on thing: Exam Week.  I'm taking eight exams this week and can't wait to get them over with.  Here are a few of my study favorites!

Lilly agenda and highlighter pens: These were both featured in my Learning in Lilly post simply because I couldn't survive school without them.  I write everything down in my agenda so I know exactly what exams to prepare for on what days.  I use highlighters not only to color code my agenda, but also as a main part of my note taking system.  They keep me so organized.

Stick notes and flags: Just like highlighters, I use stick notes and flags to help color code and organize.  I love using the sticky tabs to subdivide my notes into sections and the flags to point out important key points.

Composition Book: I love to make all my study guides for exams in one composition book.  Everything is in one place and it's so much easier to remember and carry around than a separate binder or notebook for each class.

Water: Lots of people turn to coffee during exam season, but I love water.  It keeps me refreshed and energized, and saves me a lot of calories when I skip the gym to study.

Music: Listening to music is a great way to help me study.  For midterms, I love to use upbeat Christmas music to motivate me to end on a high note before a fabulous break.

Island Margarita Candle: I love studying with a candle lit and Island Margarita is my favorite scent.  A candle is always part of my study atmosphere and helps keep me focused.

Good luck on exams this week y'all!  Only one week until break!

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  1. I so will incorporate this all in study material! Thanks so much! I loved this blog! <3