Sunday, May 26, 2013


Happy Sunday y'all! Today was pretty uneventful, but I'm determined to make tomorrow a perfect day.  I still never got my lake day (it was too cold yesterday), but tomorrow's forecast is sunny with a high of 85, so there's really no excuse to not dive in!

I know I've said it before, but I'm feeling super patriotic this weekend and am really getting excited for tomorrow.  I have the perfect red, white, and blue outfit put together and am prepared to play patriotic country music all day.

I really am so blessed to live in the United States and I realize the freedom I have comes at a cost.  When I think about America, I think about cheeseburgers, camping in the summertime, country music, ice cold lemonade, church on Sunday morning, grilling out, going to the lake, flying the flag, and spending summer nights around a campfire.  I think about everything we've accomplished, everything we've overcome, and everything we're going to take on in the future.  But, most importantly, I think about the men and women who fought (and continue to fight) to bring us the privilege of living the American dream.  

As easy as it is to complain about current political issues or share your ideas about what's wrong with our country, challenge yourself to instead take some time to appreciate all the sacrifices made so that we can wake up every morning with the freedom we so often take for granted!

That being said, hope everyone has a fabulous day tomorrow.  Hang your flags and cue the Bruce Springsteen, it's time to celebrate 'Merican style!

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