Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey y'all! Hope everyone's Monday was as fabulous and sunny as mine!  I'm happy the weekend of rain is behind us and am more than ready to move forward into a sunny week ☀

There are, however, some fabulous pictures to share from this weekend!  The Ball on Friday night was absolutely perfect.  I was so nervous leading up to it, but once everything fell into place, I couldn't have asked for a better night!

Katie wasn't really in the mood for pictures, but I think she had a pretty great time, too!  It was so nice of her to be my "date", and I definitely look forward to having her come with me next year as well.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, but the rest was much needed.  Today was as good as a Monday could have been, and the rest of the week seems to look good so far!  I can't wait for the warm weather to come back into the forecast.

Hope everyone started out the week as well as I did!

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