Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hey y'all!  Hope everyone's weekend got off to a good start, because mine sure did!  Friday night was spent at a sleepover with lots of fabulous ladies, during which we went night swimming, watched movies, and had lots and lots of laughs.  I was up early this morning to do some volunteer work with one of my best friends, then headed out for a shopping day with my mom and sisters.  This evening was spent crafting with Melanie and working on my painting, which is still not finished but really coming along.

I know tomorrow is going to be fabulous, too!  My dad is finally coming home from a six week business trip, and excited is an understatement.  As crazy as he sometimes drives me, he is my very best friend and only seeing him on the weekends the past month and a half has been hard.  Everything is so much better when he's home.  For starters, I feel so much more secure.  It's always nice to feel protected, and sometimes that's hard with him not being here.  Then, there's the cooking.  My mom is a fabulous cook and all, but nothing beats his grilling.  From shrimp, to veggies, to chicken, to steak, my dad is about as good a cook as you can find.  He always grills on the weekends, and while going out to eat while visiting him is nice, nothing beats his fresh grilled dinners.  Our house just feels so much more balanced when he's home, and I genuinely cannot wait to see him.

Hope everyone is ready to soak up some sun on a fabulous Sunday tomorrow!  The weather has been so perfect lately and it's such a waste to not take advantage of it! It's not too humid or muggy, which makes it beautiful for anything from sitting on the porch to going for a run! Don't let it go to waste ☀

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