Monday, March 25, 2013

What's In My Purse

You can tell a lot about a person by what's in their purse.  To me, having a cute purse with all the essentials is vital!  I really don't go anywhere without mine and can honestly say I use everything in it almost daily!

For starters, I always have a Bath and Body PocketBac hand sanitizer on my purse.  It's so convenient and a great way to always be germ free, even on the go!  I currently have Island Margarita, which everyone knows is my personal favorite.  As y'all can see, I'm a gum/mint junkie.  I love Ice Breakers, Altoids, and all types of gum, but my favorite is the Orbit dark blue mint.  I'm currently carrying UP2U, which I would not recommend (Because there's melon and mint in the same package, you don't get seven pieces of melon and seven pieces of mint.  You get fourteen pieces of a nasty melon-mint combo), Trident strawberry kiwi or something (whatever this is, it's really good), cool mint Altoids, fruity Ice Breakers, and my favorite, Orbit.  I chew it the most often because it's so refreshing and tasty!  Next, we move to lip balm.  The first one is my latest purchase: Neutrogena Lip Balm.  It's 100% organic and is a great moisturizer!  I will definitely buy another when this one runs out.  To the left of that, I have my Burt's Bees Nude Gloss, which I love.  It isn't tinted, so it provides the perfect glossy shine every time.  There's also my two favorite BabyLips (featured in last week's Fabulous Friday), Quenched and Pink Kiss (or whatever it's called).  I love, love, love both of them.  There's also Maybelline Falsies mascara, which I'm not even really sure how it got in there.  I usually wear Great Lash (the pink and green stuff), but have been wearing less and less makeup lately and am really liking the natural look these days.  It feels and looks so much cleaner!  Then there's my PINK Sun Kissed body splash (another Fabulous Friday), which I wear almost every day and my wallet.  I'm not much of a bulky wallet person, so this tiny Vera Bradley one is perfect for me.  Finally, there's a ribbon hair tie and a knitted head wrap.  I love these because they are so much smoother on hair than regular hair bows and headbands.  I used to get such bad headaches from wearing headbands constantly, but I converted to headwraps and love the way they feel on my head!  They're not all super plain and athletic, so they actually can look cute despite common belief!

So, there you have it!  Like I said before, you can tell a lot about a person by what's in their purse, so having a clean, organized, cute purse with all the right essentials is vital!

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