Sunday, February 24, 2013

Born to Run

Today, I ran.  The weather was perfect, and the timing was just right.  It wasn't a planned run, but it was most definitely what I needed.  There's no better time to think things through than while you're running with the sun on your back and the wind in your face.  I love the feeling of freeing myself from all the stress and just letting go.

Running is the perfect way to relieve stress and get in a great workout all at the same time.  In fact, when you're running at maximum potential, you can easily burn over 500 calories an hour.  I've been doing a lot of research about running lately, and I'm even considering signing up for my town's 5K this spring.

One of the most important parts about running is having good shoes.  I wear Nike Lunarlons, and I absolutely love them.  My favorite thing about Nikes is that they are great, supportive shoes, but are also super fashionable.  They come in lots of great colors and styles, and everyone knows that working out is always better when you look cute!

Another important element of running is having the perfect playlist.  Music is a great motivator and if you don't really like working out, it can make it more bearable.  While running with your music on shuffle is convenient, it's always better to have a playlist planned out to set the intensity and length for a run.  My all time favorite workout track is David Guetta's "Titanium".  Whenever I hear it, it makes me feel invincible.  You can find running playlists all over Pinterest and other fitness sites, and you can always create the perfect one for yourself if there isn't one you like out there.

Wardrobe is also a super-important part of running.  Face it: nobody wants to be distracted by baggy shorts or sticky shirts.  While sticking to a tshirt on top isn't a big deal, you just can wear any shorts to run.  Naturally, I'm going to recommend Norts.  For all y'all who don't already know, Norts (Nike shorts) are the definition of perfection.  They were made for running, but are also perfect for lazy Saturdays, Zumba, or really any occasion that doesn't require dressing up.  

But, let's be honest.  Who wants to spend $30 on a pair of running shorts?  Norts are fabulous, but for the average person on a budget, they're a little impractical.  I have about five pairs of Target's running shorts, and I absolutely love them.  I can't go a day without wearing a pair, and they are only $16.99.  They're practically the exact same thing, but for a much better price.  

Hydration is also a major part of running, especially in warm weather.  It's so important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after a run.  In order to maximize performance and get the best possible workout, be sure to have plenty of water on hand!  You can never drink too much H2O!  Besides, it's a perfect excuse to invest in a cute new water bottle!

The final, and most important part of running is to have fun.  It's never easy the first time, but soon enough, wanting to go out and run will become an instinct.  The first time I stepped on a treadmill, I struggled to run 4.0 miles per hour, which is a fifteen minute mile.  Now, I can easily run 7.0 mph, and I love pushing myself to try to improve my mile times.  Remember, it never gets easier, you just get better.  Running is the perfect way to transform a bad mood into a motivated one, and actually getting out and doing something feels so much better than sitting around all day.

For more of my favorite running tips and tricks, and lots of other cool fitness stuff, visit my Fitness board on Pinterest here :)

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