Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Since today will be the last time we'll have a triple date in our lifetimes, here's my lists of twelves!

12 Things I Can't Live Without:
  1. Chap-Stick
  2. Cuties clementines
  3. Orbit peppermint gum
  4. Hair ties, headbands, and bobby pins
  5. My family
  6. Scarves
  7. Icebreakers Mints
  8. Twitter
  9. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers
  10. Leggings
  11. Cucumbers & ranch
  12. My best friends
12 Things I Think Are Fabulous:
  1. Not having homework
  2. 3 Spoons frozen yogurt
  3. Monograms
  4. Caesar salads
  5. Wearing scarves, boots, and cardigans in the winter
  6. Anything with glitter
  7. Going on vacation
  8. The feeling of Christmas
  9. Pinterest
  10. Sunday adventures in the summer
  11. Anything with anchors on it
  12. Jeep rides
12 Things That Drive Me Crazy:
  1. Feeling under-dressed, over-dressed, or mix-matched
  2. People who use improper grammar or constantly cuss
  3. The fact that my school's dress code doesn't allow yoga pants, gym shorts, or leggings
  4. When someone takes my spot in Zumba 
  5. Warm weather in December
  6. Having a messy room
  7. Packing for trips
  8. Body wash with moisture beads in it
  9. When my hair won't cooperate
  10. Running out of shampoo before conditioner
  11. Chemistry 
12 Things I'll Never Forget
  1. The lyrics to "Springsteen"
  2. The first time I drove legally
  3. How I met my best friend
  4. Making my Confirmation
  5. The day I realized I actually enjoyed working out
  6. My first day drilling with a rifle
  7. Getting my braces off
  8. Summer camping trips with my family
  9. My freshman year of high school
  10. How good I felt the day I reached my goal weight
  11. My dad telling me to never take anything for granted
  12. All the late nights spent making memories with friends
12 Little Things That Mean a Lot
  1. Campfires
  2. Being in someone's profile picture
  3. Getting a good grade on a math test
  4. Genuine compliments
  5. Wearing a new outfit for the first time
  6. Realizing that you're becoming good friends with someone
  7. Being on the lake with your family
  8. Being invited to a party
  9. People who appreciate your hard work
  10. When someone goes out of their way to say hey to you
  11. Good hair days
  12. Knowing that you've made someone happy
Elizabeth and I at 12:12 today!  She's my favorite :)
Photo credit to her

Today was great!  The week is halfway over, and next week at this time we'll be on Christmas break!  Can't wait to knock out these exams and have a great rest of the year with my friends and family.  Until then, there's plenty of work to be done.

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