Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday

Last night was too crazy.  We left our house around seven and didn't get home until about twelve hours later.  I would have to say that Belk was the absolute craziest.  They were practically giving away boots ($20 for boots that were originally priced between $60 and $80), and apparently everyone in Upstate South Carolina wanted a pair.  They opened at midnight, but we didn't stand in line.  We walked around the mall until about 11:50, then went and stood in front of the door.  When they finally opened, we were probably the fifth or sixth people in, but not without a fight.  Fighting an anxious and angry crowd, we sprinted to the boots and found pairs for Melanie and I instantly.  Katie's, on the other hand, were a little harder to come by.

After about fifteen minutes of hunting, she finally found a box marked with her size and the color she wanted.  Opening it up, she was disappointed to find that it only held one boot.  The next hour and a half was crazy rampage around the shoe department, which by this time was completely destroyed.  We searched everywhere, from under the tables to over in the purses, but couldn't find the boot anywhere.  Determined, we continued our search.  By about 1:00, the entire store was scattered with discarded shoe boxes and abandoned deals.  That being said, Katie's boot could be anywhere.  We expanded our search to include the men's, kid's, women's, junior's, shoes, and home departments.  After looking for an additional thirty minutes, Katie's second boot was finally found in the middle of the men's department atop a sweater vest display.  Relieved and exhausted, we proceeded to checkout and then continued the adventure through the rest of the mall.

The rest of the night pretty much followed this trend.  Long lines, wrecked stores, and crazy shoppers filled the city, and it was everything we anticipated.  We saw a few friends, and brought home lots of amazing deals.  Black Friday 2012 was great, and I wouldn't have rather kicked off the holiday season any other way.

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