Thursday, July 3, 2014

Crazy for Croakies: The Perfect Sunglasses Straps

Hey y'all!  With summertime in full swing in South Carolina, sunny days are plentiful.  There's nothing better than spending a day by the pool or at the lake, but nobody likes to be blinded by the sun.  The perfect sunglasses are an obvious must have, but so are the perfect straps.  I have so many pairs of "croakies", and it's gotten to the point where not having a pair of sunglasses around my neck during the summer just doesn't feel natural.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Let's start with Lilly Pulitzer.  I bought my first pair of Lilly croakies last year in Chiquita Bonita and absolutely love them.  They've been with me through countless days in the sun and trips to the lake and, although faded, are still on my navy SFC sunglasses today.  When Lilly introduced the new style for their sunglasses straps this year, I loved the Lobstah Roll ones immediately, but nothing can take the place of my favorites.  These are currently sold out on the Lilly website, but can be bought at almost any boutique or specialty store.

Would it really be a Melissa Bergey post if a patriotic Marley Lilly item wasn't included?  These Monogrammin' Merica ones are adorable, and only $5.  Plus, they're promotional, so they ship free!

Finally, I love love love my navy Palmetto sunglasses straps.  I bought these last month when I was in Columbia, and liked the so much that I decided to buy a pair in camo too.  They're currently on my monogrammed stars and stripes sunglasses and the ensemble is truly my pride and joy.  I bought them from a specialty store, but here's a similar pair from Palmetto Traditions.

What sunglasses straps are your favorite?  Any other cute ones I didn't include?  Let me know!


  1. I love those SC croakies! But I like the Lilly croakies too..
    Classy Cathleen

  2. I love my Lilly croakies!!! I have about a million pairs!

    Love Always,

  3. I think we can all agree that Lilly croakies are a must have! Thanks for the feedback y'all :)