Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend: Sunny Day Essentials

Hey y'all!  This weekend marks the beginning of days spent on the water.  Whether you're poolside, lakeside, or at the beach {feel free to bring me along!}, you're more than likely going to be spending a lot of time in the sun.  That being said, it's essential to be sure your skin is protected!  As great as it feels to have the warm sun on your skin and as nice as it is to be tan, keeping your skin healthy and safe is by far more important, especially later in life.  Here are a few of my sunny day essentials!

1) Monogrammed Baseball Hat: I love my navy monogrammed baseball hat from Marley Lilly, and I've featured it in so many of my "Essentials" posts.  I wear it constantly.  It's a great way to keep my face shaded, and who doesn't love a baseball hat on a lake day?

2) The Perfect Sunglasses: I love my monogrammed wayfarers from Southern Fried Cotton, but these Marley Lilly Monogrammin' 'Merica sunglasses are perfect for the occasion.  Sunglasses are a must for me on sunny days.

3) Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture: This SPF 15 moisturizer keeps my sensitive skin from being dried out without making it oily.  Days spent on the water don't usually involve makeup, but keeping my skin hydrated is a must.

4) Southern Fried Cotton Lip Balm: I love my SFC lip balm!  When we think of sunburn, our lips aren't usually the first thing to come to mind.  They are, however, still susceptible to the harmful rays and need to be protected too. 

5) Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen: This sheer touch lotion sunscreen is my favorite.  It smells amazing and keeps me protected from the sun.  Always remember to reapply every couple of hours!

6) Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion: This is my latest and greatest discovery!  The cooling lotion keeps my skin smooth and cool, and the coconut papaya scent is to die for.  It's a hydrating lotion and soothing aloe gel and feels amazing on skin, especially long days under the powerful rays.

I hope y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I've been drafting my post for the upcoming 'Merica Monday for about a week, and I can't wait to share it!  Have fun in the sun! ☀

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