Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Favorites at Bath and Body Works

Hey y'all! It's been unbelievably beautiful in South Carolina this weekend.  I had the opportunity to go to Bath and Body works for the first time in a while today and, as usual, was overwhelmed with amazing new scents and perfect classics.  Here are my favorites for warm weather!
  1. My newest favorite, Honolulu Sun, is to die for.  It smells like pool days and sunscreen.  It's so tropical and fresh.
  2. Y'all probably aren't surprised that my second choice is Island Margarita.  I've had the candle forever, but I put it away for the winter.  I'm happy to say that I brought it back this weekend, and the scent it makes mixes perfectly with the warm weather and cool breeze.
  3. Finally, I choose Caribbean Escape.  I love the smell of coconut and Tahitian palm milk and have loved it since it first came out. 
What are y'all's Spring favorites at BBW?  Let me know!


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  2. Caribbean Escape is my hands down favorite of all time! I love it so much!! I have it in my car all year and have like 5 of the big candles in case I ever run out!!!

    Love Always,