Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Way!

Hey y'all!  Well, it finally happened... snow in South Carolina!  Even if it was just an inch, everyone in the Palmetto State knows that it's worth making a big deal over because it hasn't snowed here in three years.  We got out of school early yesterday (yay), and had the day off today too.

If you didn't go out and take a picture, did it really even snow?

I think light and fluffy snow is the best kind.

Even Carley enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow.

And (of course) I couldn't resist making my mark in the front yard!

Hope everyone enjoys the snow day.  Stay warm and drink lots and lots of coffee and hot chocolate!


  1. So glad you had fun! I for sure went out and played with my little brother! :) I will be posting pictures later :) :) And I COMPLETELY understand the fact that we got one inch and my sister and I were trying to bulid a 5 ft snowman.... HAHAHAH Obviously it didnt happen! :) Stay Warm!!!

    Love Always,

    1. I'm happy you enjoyed the snow too! Thanks Elizabeth :)