Friday, January 24, 2014


Happy Friday y'all! I'm looking forward to a great weekend.  While my last two have been fabulous, it's going to be so nice to stay home and relax.  It's cold again in South Carolina, so the weather is perfect for drinking a little coffee and getting on Pinterest, two of my favorite things.

Since we've been having a lot of cold weather lately, I'm excited to share one of my new winter favorites!

My monogrammed fleece headband finally came in!  I ordered this from an Etsy shop the other week and am loving it so far!  It keeps my ears nice and warm, even in these crazy below-freezing temperatures I'm so not used to.

While it's cold and wintry outside, my Pinterest has been almost entirely spring and summer.  I can't wait for all the bright colors and warm outfits.  I'm so anxious to bring back my anchor chinos and seersucker shorts, along with all my other colored shorts and white, ruffly tops.  Spring and summer inspiration is everywhere on my dashboard, and I couldn't be happier.  I even noticed Bath and Body getting a head start on spring and putting out some summery scents this past week.  It may be cold in Carolina, but that's not stopping me from getting excited for the warmer months!

Hope y'all all have a whale of a weekend and stay warm!

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  1. You are for sure right about ti being cold here in SC! I dont like it! hahaha hopefully it will get warmer soon! I am ready to break out the summer clothes already!