Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Last Time

Well y'all, it's Labor Day weekend.  While we can appreciate it for an extra day off and the start of football season, it also brings along a closure that sometimes we're just not ready for.  The end of white pants, the last weekend of lake season, and the last days of August finally hit us, sometimes unexpectedly.

So many times over the summer, we've thrown our sunscreen and bathing suits in a bag and headed to the lake.  We've worn crisp white pants and a bright colored top to church on Sunday morning, and we've embraced the golden days of August and the fabulous weather they bring with them.  As all of this is coming to an end, here's to one more.  One more lake day, one more Sunday morning in white, and one more August Saturday night.  One more walk on the dock, one more picture by the water.

It's time to get settled in for a fabulous fall!

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