Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Printing Away

Hey y'all! I was doing a little Pinning when I realized I couldn't help but share one of my latest and greatest discoveries!  If you're on Pinterest, you've probably seen the popular "printable monogram" Pin that always seems to pop up on your home page.  I've used the printable monogram several times before for binder covers and such, but it wasn't until tonight that I decided to look around on the site it's from.

Little did I know, For Chic Sake has an entire collection of fabulous printables here!  From bookmarks to note cards to hanger tags, everything is so cute and they're all free!  Upon exploring further, I found that the site even makes custom calendars for every month (under the "Create" tab) and decided to print out July's, which is adorable!  

Filling in your monogram for everything is so easy, too.  You just click the download button and open the file in Adobe Reader, then simply print it.  I can't give it enough praise!

Hope y'all find these printables as fabulous as I do! Happy printing :)

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