Monday, May 13, 2013

Well y'all, it's officially exam week!  Time to get out the highlighters, Post Its, index cards, and pens, because studying is a must.  Being an honors student all my life, I've gotten pretty used to having to study for major assessments and am a pro study guide maker!  If you have finals or exams to prepare for too, try some of my favorite study tips and techniques!
  1. Stop to snack- Even if you're working hard, losing your concentration while studying is super easy to do.  Taking quick breaks in between chapters or subjects will help keep you focused and stay motivated.  My favorite way to break is to get a quick snack.  I usually go for something light, like fruit or veggies.  My very favorite study snack is green grapes!
  2. Use highlighters- I am such a highlighter diva and rarely take a test or turn in an assignment without highlights all over it.  Highlighting is a great way to make important information stand out, but I primarily use my highlighters to group information together.  Coming up with a color coding system to organize content makes it easier to remember, and find on the page.
  3. Don't sacrifice sleep- I've never been one to pull an all-nighter, and finals this year will not be an exception.  If you're going to have to lose sleep in  order to study, don't stay up until two in the morning then go to sleep.  Instead, go to sleep at normal time and get up earlier.  You'll be way more refreshed and ready to tackle the material after sleeping, even if just for a short amount of time.
  4. Go outside- With spring at it's peak and summer on the way, studying is no reason to let the beautiful weather go to waste.  Get situated on your porch and get some fresh air!
  5. Study with style- Adding your own fabulous touch to anything makes it more fun to do.  Type your study guide in a cute font or use your favorite color combinations when highlighting or writing notes.  Write reminders on cute paper or get colorful index cards.  You'd be surprised how helpful and motivating little accents can be.
Good luck and happy studying!  Just remember, a week from now, it will all be over!

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