Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Steals for Spring: Bath and Body Shopping Strategy

Everyone loves Bath and Body Works.  From perfume, to lotion, to body wash, to candles, to hand sanitizers, to air fresheners (and more), the products smell amazing and are definitely on the must-have list.  They can, however, get a little bit pricey, especially the Slatkin & Co. candles and air fresheners featured each season.  We all love smelling the candles and would love to have one in every room of the house, but $20 for a candle is a little unreasonable.  There is, however, an easy strategy that can insure you get all your favorite scents at a fairly reasonable price!

If y'all aren't already aware, Bath and Body is known to "re-use" scents from season to season.  If you don't follow me, it means they use the exact same scents, giving them a different name and look but market them as new products.  I've had this suspicion for a while, but finally confirmed it when I asked one of the store's associates a while ago.  While this initially seems like a bad thing, it's actually an advantage.  Here's a prime example!

If you've seen my Fabulous Friday post from awhile back about my favorite new BBW additions, you probably noticed the Poolside candle.  I'm sure we've all smelled it in the store, and can agree that it smells absolutely amazing.  A new Poolside candle, however, will set you back $20.  There is a candle that smells the exact same as Poolside called "Sun Tan" from last summer's collection.  I found a medium sized one on clearance for $3 the other day.  Exact same scent, just way cheaper.  Always browse and smell around the sale items before investing in a regular price one, because you just may stumble upon a steal!

Candles aren't the only scents that are repeated.  I've also noticed a few perfumes and hand sanitizers that smell a little familiar.  So remember, always look for items from last year's collections that smell the same as this year's!  Look for them on clearance, because you may just find a deal where you least expect it.  Happy shopping :)

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