Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Glory

I live for summertime.  The late nights around the campfire, long days on the lake, and the warm sunshine that just makes everything better.  We've been on summer vacation for three days now, and I can already tell that this summer is going to be so much better than the last.  One of my main goals this summer is to take as many pictures as possible.  Last year, I did really good with my summer photography, carrying my camera with me wherever I went.  Hopefully I can max out, taking as many pictures and capturing as many moments as possible.  I've taken over one hundred pictures already, but here are some of my best [edited, of course] [:

I love the first one.  Really, it just shows my love for summertime.  I'm happy and carefree, a condition you'll rarely find me in during the school year.  The second one showcases summer glory.  Complete, total, happiness.  Laying under the sun, throwing my head back in laughter, without a worry in the world.  It's amazing what the summer can do to you.  The third one is of Carley and I.  This is pretty rare, because Carley's extremely camera-shy.  I know I don't have the best look on my face, and she's barely in the photo, but the fact that she's looking at the camera is a huge accomplishment to me, so I figured I'd throw it in there.  The forth was the first picture I've taken this summer, kicking off what I aspire to be the best four months so far.  I usually hate pictures where the camera is visible, but this one was pretty cool, considering I was looking into my sister's sunglasses and taking the shot.  Hopefully the rest of my summer will be fun and photography-filled, just like the first week has been [:

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